Wisborough Green Division

West Sussex Beekeepers Association

Open Days
What makes a hive Buzz

Why not find out for yourself?

Inside Beehive
  • Under the guidance of an experienced beekeeper
  • See the queen and learn about her
  • Taste delicious honey straight from the hive
  • Protective equipment supplied
  • Fun is a four lettered word - BEES

Where do you go from here?

Wisborough Green Division of WSBKA is a friendly and progressive group with their own teaching apiary where you can learn the basic skills from experienced beekeepers. We are dedicated to helping people start beekeeping, then give them as much assistance as they need in order to become self sufficient.

Where better to take the first steps to what can become an absorbing hobby?

Keeping bees is not a pursuit that is as easy to start as many others such as gardening or painting, where if you decide it is not for you it is easy to pack up and walk away. A colony of bees is a living thing that needs attention, and it is irresponsible to abandon them like a spade or paintbrush.

We recognise there may be many people who are interested in bees and honey, but are unsure how to take the first steps without buying bees or equipment. For that reason we have regular Open Days where non-beekeepers can come along and see for themselves what is involved before they invest in equipment.

What can you learn on a short inspection?

We now combine Open Days with "Preliminary Group" meetings. Please contact John, or Roger if you would like to attend, so we can prepare for you

Would you like to see inside a beehive - or know someone who might?