Wisborough Green Beekeepers Association

a Division of West Sussex Beekeepers Association

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Open Days

We are willing to show non-beekeepers a little of what happens inside a beehive. We can accommodate both individuals and organised groups. This will involve getting close to bees and handling them if you wish. Protective clothing is supplied, but participants will need to wear sensible clothing and footwear. It is inadvisable for those who are frightened of being stung or are known to suffer from a reaction to bee stings to attend.

Visitors can see the wonders of life in a beehive

What can you learn on a short inspection?

A frame covered in bees taken from the centre of a brood nest


This frame has brood in the centre and honey in the top corners


A queen bee being handled by the beekeeper.

To enquire about our open days please email honeybee@wgbka.org.uk