Wisborough Green Division

West Sussex Beekeepers Association

New Members

We welcome new beekeepers and those interested in becoming beekeepers, as well as existing beekeepers moving to us from elsewhere.

In order to give the best service to all our members we have established a standard way of introducing newcomers, and members returning to meetings after a long absence, to our apiary. This is detailed below.

Throughout the practical beekeeping season (approximately April to August) we hold regular meetings especially for newcomers. These are called Preliminary meetings. They are held at various times depending on demand, and places must be booked in advance (for an explanation of how to do this, see "Tuition").

At these sessions all attendees will be shown how we operate and handle bees. They will inspect colonies under the supervision of appointed demonstrators. This allows us to train you in our standardised method of inspecting bees, assess your level of ability (and where relevant, experience), and move you forward at the appropriate time into our scheduled apiary meetings. You will be allocated to an "ability" group, and moved up at the discretion of the Apiary Manager as you make progress with your knowledge, understanding and handling of bees.

This structured introduction to WGBKA also allows you to get to know some of our demonstrators, and them to get to know you, in much smaller and more personal groups than would be possible in the main apiary meetings.

Please remember that our whole Association is run entirely by volunteers who give up a lot of their time to help others learn and enjoy the fascinating practice of keeping honey bees. We look forward to sharing that interest with you.