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Bees and Hive Products
Bees are productive
Honey bees (Apis mellifera) are the only bees in the U.K. capable of storing honey in any quantity. In most seasons they are able to store more than their own requirements and it is this surplus that is harvested by the beekeeper. Honey bees, although useful providers of a high quality foodstuff, are probably much more valuable as pollinators of seed crops, thereby contributing a great deal to the economy.

The main products of the hive are honey and beeswax. Honey is gathered from flowers as nectar and processed by bees and stored in the combs that are made of beeswax. Most people think of honey as something to spread on bread or take when they have a cold or sore throat, but there are endless uses for it, one of which is replacing sugar in cooking. This adds sweetness and flavour, as well as allowing things like cakes to keep longer. Beeswax has a wide variety of uses,including candles, polish and cosmetics, all of which are easily made at home with a minimum of equipment. This adds a completely new dimension to an already fascinating hobby.