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George Wakeford BEM

George Wakeford was a founder member of the Wisborough Green Beekeepers Association when it was formed in 1947. He was Secretary for around 20 years, then President and Life President until his death in 1985. He was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for his services to beekeeping.

George was a very gentle, kind and helpful man who spent a lot of time helping and guiding others. He was a genuine countryman, possessing many of the skills that were needed in the countryside in the past. For around 30 years he made his living by looking after bees for other people, where at one stage he tended about 400 colonies for 100 customers. He was a brilliant handler of bees, never wearing protective clothing. His methods were simple and are the basis of what we still teach at WGBKA.

“Beemaster” is the title of a small book that was ghost written to tell his life story. It was subsequently updated and enhanced by WGBKA member Geoff Lawes as “Beemaster Revisited”.

Click here to access a pdf of an article I have written about George Wakeford, to inform new beekeepers of what he did for beekeeping and to ensure he isn’t forgotten. It has much more detail about him and his contribution to WGBKA and local beekeeping.

Roger Patterson