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Introduction to Beekeeping Day

At Wisborough Green we have an enviable reputation for providing good sound tuition at all levels of beekeeping. We concentrate on the "basics" which allows beekeepers to quickly become competent with enough knowledge to care for their bees and understand any problems that might arise.

Our Introduction to Beekeeping Day is a well established annual event that has given a large number of people the information they need in order to start beekeeping. Experience has shown that a lot of people are interested in bees but aren't sure what is involved. This event gives them the chance to find out before making any investment that might prove to be inappropriate or unsuitable.

Attendees come from a wide area, many by recommendation from those who have attended in previous years. We are happy to introduce potential beekeepers wherever they come from to a wonderful hobby and will help those from outside our area to make contact with their local Beekeepers Association (BKA). We have an up to date list of contacts for surrounding BKAs at the event and for those who are close to two or more we always suggest visiting them all before a decision is made on which one to join.

The programme draws on over 55 years experience of a practical beekeeper and is delivered by experienced presenters in four sections during the day. It is not simply trotting out what is read from books. There is ample time for refreshments and lunch, during which there will be other beekeepers available to answer questions on a casual and friendly basis, not a "hard sell". We have had a lot of good feedback on the friendly nature of the event and the quality of content.

We don't recommend buying any equipment or bees before having some training and inspecting a colony of bees on several occasions. There are many who have initial enthusiasm, then give up for a number of reasons, the most common being they don't realise the commitment required or they don't like being stung. For that reason we have "Preliminary Sessions" where we can give instruction at our well equipped teaching apiary without obligation. This can save a lot of time and expense as well as avoiding bees being abandoned. See "Tuition" and "New Members" for details.

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