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a Division of West Sussex Beekeepers Association

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Bees on the frame
It's Fun!

Beekeeping is a hobby that is very simple at a basic level, yet extremely interesting and a good subject for those who wish to study it in greater detail. There is of course a bonus in having a useful crop at the end of the season. Most people keep bees to supply their family and friends with a few jars of honey, but beekeeping is so diverse it can be expanded into many other interesting areas. At Wisborough Green BKA we help and encourage members to do what they want to, whatever their level of interest or ability and in many instances there is a high level of involvement by the whole family.

Bees, being insects, bring you a lot closer to nature. The study of them is fascinating and can lead to other areas of interest such as microscopy and photography. The list is endless!

For those with a reasonable amount of space bees can easily be kept at home, but for those with small gardens help can be given in finding a suitable site, possibly with other beekeepers who would be able to help each other

The cost of beekeeping is very reasonable compared to most hobbies and any outlay should be recovered if the decision was ever taken to discontinue.

If you would like to investigate the possibilities of keeping bees then please search this website for more information.